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Island Tours Bonaire with Roadrunner Tours

The Renault Twizy is a two-seater electric scooter (100% electric) from the French manufacturer Renault and offers the traveling guest (driver and passenger) absolute driving pleasure at a maximum speed of 52 mp/h. It is equipped with a driver airbag and 3-point seat belt system as standard and therefore offers a high level of safety.

Mandy und Hans Jörn

Tour description: island tour by Renault Twizy

Cruise ships:

Meeting point:
As soon as you have left the security area, you will see us waiting directly opposite with our Roadrunner sign. If you have problems to find us, you can ask at the port, someone will help you in any case, because here on Bonaire helpfulness is very important.

The tour start always depends on the time your ship docks. You will receive the exact time by email.

Tour duration:
Approx. 5 hours (3 hours tour + 2 hours beach stay).

Tour stops:
We will start in the capital Kralendijk, and together we will explore the north of the island of Bonaire.

1st stop:
Sabadeco (villa district) with beautiful viewpoint of Klein Bonaire island.

2nd stop:
1000 Step's (6 miles) where we can even observe turtles and iguanas if we are lucky.

3rd stop:
Gotomeer: flamingo habitat with views of Brandaris and National Park.

4th stop:
Cadushy Distillery in Rincon: tasting of different liquors and rum tasting (optional).

There will be a maximum of 5 Twizy's driving in total and one minibus.
The Twizy group is limited to 10 people.
Driver swap possible on the road in the Twizy !!!

Beach stay:
After the tour, we will take you to a beach where you can explore Bonaire's underwater world with snorkel and mask (on loan from us for $2) -, or enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters.
There is of course the possibility to stay longer on the beach if you wish, or to be brought back to the ship directly after the tour.

Tour Price:
Twizy: Driver $75
Passengers 35 dollars (children under 12 years only 25 dollars)
(Payment at the end of the tour please in cash (Euro or US Dollar 1to1)

Note: We will always bring you back to the ship on time!!!!

Tour descriptions island tour with Renault Twizy

Hotel guests

Meeting point:
We are very happy to pick you up from your hotel /apartment.

We will discuss the tour start with you individually by email.

Tour duration:
Approx. 4-5 hours tour

Tour stops:
We will discuss with you individually your tour, what you would like to see.

Tour price:
Twizy: Driver $75
Passengers 35 Dollars (children under 12 years only 25 Dollars)
(Payment at the end of the tour please in cash (Euro or US Dollar 1to1)